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    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2016 edited

    Stalker Radio returns to the internet waves with a noisy special. For our 41st show, we are happy to broadcast the murky depths that is the music of Aja Ireland.

    Aja’s journey began 5 years ago and has crossed all sorts of bleak and desolate territories from grind-noise to techno. Whilst living in Berlin, she became immersed in the city’s vibrant noise scene – DJing in various dank basements and playing as part of the noise orchestra Batalj.

    On returning to the UK, inspired, Aja launched a new live performance project, intended on pushing limits and challenging audiences, both sonically and visually. Her noisy and abrasive electronics are a very personal, physical interpretation of the contemporary condition.

    She has recently toured Europe and the UK and is set to release music with Cold Spring Records and Fog Mountain in 2017.

    Stalker DJs:

    Fis - Independently Together [Subtext]
    Nerve - Heads and Ordinary Concrete [A Colourful Storm]
    Shadows - What If They Are Watching You [Leyla]
    Unknown Rituals - Unknown Rituals [Unknown]
    Kareem - Harsh [Zhark]
    Black Rain & Shapednoise - Interceptor [Cosmo Rhythmatic]
    Franck Vigroux - Simulacres [D’Autres Cordes]
    Stray Dogs - Sour Vanilla [Kvitnu]
    Jesse Osborne-Lanthier, Grischa Lichtenberger - House/Magma [Cosmo Rhythmatic]
    Emptyset - Mirror [Subtext]
    Deadfader - Norbert [Kuzurura]
    Thor - Aliens Dont Boogie [Missile]
    Traversable Wormhole - Vol 1 [Traversable Wormhole]
    Der Zyklus - Roche Limit V3 [Frustrated Funk]
    Umwelt - Revolt [Boidae]
    Kamikaze Space Program - Low Flying Aircraft [Mode Evolver]

    Aja Mix:

    AJA - Charge [unreleased]
    AKKORD - HTH020 (The Haxan Cloak’s Cloud of Witness) [Houndstooth]
    Rabit - Pandemic [Triangle]
    SØS Gunver Ryberg - Siva [Contort]
    Emptyset - Core [Raster Noton]
    Hure - Fresse [self-released]
    Puce Mary - Night Is a Trap II [Posh Isolation]
    Samuel Kerridge - Operation Neptune [Blueprint]
    Pharmakon - Intent or Instinct [Sacred Bones Records]
    Aids Wolf - Spit Tastes Like Metal [Skin Graft Records]
    Damien Dubrovnik - Vegas Fountain [Posh Isolation]
    Android Cum - Caustic Bukkake [unknown]
    Puce Mary - Masks Are Aids ll [Posh Isolation]
    AJA - Untitled [unreleased]
    AJA - XLR Noir [unreleased]