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    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2018

    Life Eating Death Feeding by Phoxii, released 15 March 2018

    1. Shedding of Skin
    2. Phaxxid
    3. The Hermit
    4. Life Eating Death Feeding
    5. Daunkteke
    6. Freeque (Modo Fácil)
    7. Freeque (Modo Difícil)
    8. Loqnliness
    9. Phaxxidide
    10. Umbridge's Revenge
    11. Spider Eating Flies

    ****NOTE: Tape duplication is taking longer than anticipated- expect physical release to be ready in early April!****

    Just when you thought CryDM had come and gone!

    Freshly transplanted from Portland to Oakland for grad school, it is with enormous sadness that Phoxii presents her first full-length under the new ultra-serious moniker! Prepare your chin for an extreme 43-minute session of deep, intellectual stroking as the CD-skipping pops, buzzes, claps, phootz and clicks of this perfectly farticulated melancholic wank-a-thon batters your eardrums! Spank my buns and call me Autechre!

    Now with 1000% more harmonic melodic melody harmonies! Marvel at the finesse of Phoxii furiously slapping a MIDI keyboard while crying in confusion, accompanied by the tears of 1,000 kittens, raining like diamonds from a bloated sack of jewels mounted on a satellite in the exosphere. Bleak cloudy metropolis homeless encampment renegade in a port-a-potty full of broken vinyl and overblown tweeters! More abstract than you can shake a piano key at!

    But wait, there's more!

    Purchase one of the ultra-limited run cassettes(from our dearest Fukdup Records) for a chance to win a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted Phoxbox S-1 prototype; the very first in a new line of circuit noise boxes made by the Phoxii mistress herself! Annoy your friends! Annoy your dog! Annoy yourself! Be the life of your next noise show and marvel as your brand spanking new Phoxbox electrocutes the entire audience before exploding in a toxic cloud of methane-esque glory! No noise show is complete without inhaling the toxic smoke of DIY circuit boxes, am I right? Outstanding!

    Plus! The limited-run cassette release contains an exclusive Phoxii remix of tekno aficionado HOM, not available on the digital album! Prepare thine gabber fist for furious air thrusting!