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    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2018

    Anatolé by Paris Treantafeles, released 30 August 2017

    1. Khoros
    2. Parodos
    3. Poiima
    4. Anatolé
    5. Strophe
    6. Pidima
    7. Helios
    8. Pragmatikotita
    9. Thalassa
    10. Tourkouaz
    11. Asteria
    12. Dynamis
    13. Ionia
    14. Antistrophe
    15. Gefyra
    16. Nostos

    Paris Treantafeles is a musician from Queens, NY.
    His earliest recorded musical works were with the reggae label I & I Sound. After that he pursued many different interests and occupations but would at times return to music making as part of the duo Voltage Controlled in the 90s and in the 2000s collaborating with outpt (Mary Ann Benedetto) to release Drum & Space as well as their collaboration as “Sea64”. On occasion he has also released music under various other names and to this day few know that it is actually him.

    This album Anatole started as an experiment. After purchasing a Casio CZ 1000 keyboard (1985) for $10 at a garage sale his interest grew in creating sounds using it’s particular style of synthesis (phase distortion) and thought about doing a few tracks with just the Casio. That later turned into over 25 tracks, 16 of which are featured on this album. No other synthesizers were used. Besides the Casio, he used an MPC 1000 for sequencing and some of his vintage drum machines for beats - mostly the E-mu Drumulator. The tracks were recorded in various ways… some were recorded to an 8 track digital recorder, some recorded live from the MPC and others tracked individually to a computer. Effects used were a Peavey UniVerb and a T.C. Electronic D-Two.

    Paris drew from his Greek background to create a musical journey presented as a Greek drama in two acts. The title Anatole originally meaning “rise” and which became used to mean “East” as that is where the Sun rises. Paris lives with his mother Evangelia who he takes care of and cat Niko. Artwork for the album was done by his dear friend Mab.