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    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2019

    NYH103 Die Welttraumforscher - Lieder Aus Der Neuen Sonne by New York Haunted, released 25 January 2019

    1. NYH103 01 Die Welttraumforscher - Neue Sonne
    2. NYH103 02 Die Welttraumforscher - Hinter Pluto
    3. NYH103 03 Die Welttraumforscher - Korona Borealis
    4. NYH103 04 Die Welttraumforscher - Das Prismagnet
    5. NYH103 05 Die Welttraumforscher - Gloria
    6. NYH103 06 Die Welttraumforscher - Sonnenkind
    7. NYH103 07 Die Welttraumforscher - Stadt Im Wiesengrund
    8. NYH103 08 Die Welttraumforscher - Labor Sonnestrahl
    9. NYH103 09 Die Welttraumforscher - Planet Elf
    10. NYH103 10 Die Welttraumforscher - Flammchen Und Flockchen
    11. NYH103 11 Die Welttraumforscher - Die Tiximalschleife
    12. NYH103 12 Die Welttraumforscher - Sonja Salamanders Sommerboot
    13. NYH103 13 Die Welttraumforscher - Komm Scheine
    14. NYH103 14 Die Welttraumforscher - Mitteinander

    Those that know will be instantly thrilled at the appearance of this release. For those that don't: Die Welttraumforscher is a mysterious swiss electro-dada artist called Christian Pfluger. When Die Welttraumforscher set out on 14 July 1981 no one could have realized that their journey would not be over soon. For more than thirty years now, Swiss Christian Pfluger has been working on drawings, texts, films and songs for the fascinating universe of the imaginary trio, which is well populated with figures like Leguan Rätselmann or Kip Eulenmeister and his astronauts of the spirit.He has created over 35 music cassettes, LPs and CDs presenting minimal electronic songs that the Welttraumforscher themselves call "Bretzelberg Pop" or "Space Folklore".

    This selection is another 14 songs that blend his own style of minimal electro/electronic songwriting with humor and soft spoken vocals that could just as easily be an afternoon movie for your kids. Always positive and lush in emotion, this is really something you may have never heard before. All the lyrics are in German, but sometimes Die Welttraumforscher add sayings and words that are based on their own universe. You don't want to miss out on this unique release. Available on cassette and in digital. Get tuned to the cosmic positivity of The Welttraumforscher!