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    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2019

    WV Sorcerer Productions & OKVLT present:

    ◉神跡 Shen Ji◉
    Music / Noise / Live calligraphy performance

    ▼ 破地獄 Scattered Purgatory (Taipei) Live set
    ▼ 錢賡·暗八仙 Qian Geng aka The8Immortals (Beijing)
    ▼ UVB76 (Paris) Live set
    ▼ 若潭 ruò tán (Paris / Nanjing)


    ▼ 破地獄 Scattered Purgatory
    (Taipei, Electronic / Ambient / Psychedelic / Tribal)

    Formed in Taipei,Taiwan in 2014 and comprised of members Lu Li-Yang and Lu Jiachi. Scattered Purgatory is a name derived from a Taoist ritual which expiates the souls of the innocent from a state in between life and death and then at last, release.

    Taipei, where two wheeled transportations are popular, the basin city of dense population and humidity had inspired their music. If a cinematic analogy were used to describe the duo’s sound it would be equivalent of the massive use of long shots in Taiwan’s 1980s wave of new cinema.

    Scattered Purgatory employs a similar approach with an oriental narration geographically and spiritually.

    Scattered Purgatory had toured Japan (2014), Australia (2015), Europe (2016), China (2018). At is confirmed to share their talent at New Forms Festival (Canada, Vancouver) in September 2019, and touring North America/Europe afterwards.

    Also, they had shared stage with Russian Circles (2014, Taipei), Necro Deathmort (2016, UK), Bismuth (2016, UK), Li Jianhong (2017, Beijing), Mamer & IZ (2017, Beijing) and will be touring as ACID MOTHER TEMPLE’s supporting act on selected dates in late 2019.

    ▼ 錢賡·暗八仙 Qian Geng aka The8Immortals
    (Beijing, Avant-garde Calligraphy)

    The 8 Immortals is a calligraphy performance project started by Beijing based Dongbei calligraphy/visual artist Qian Geng at 2014.

    This project enters on oriental religion symbols and folklores, and focuses on experimenting with calligraphy, installation art and performance art.

    The title of the project stems from the Daoism legend “The Eight Immortals”, when the “xian”(Immortal) themselves are becoming invisible, only their relics are left for mortals to witness. Qian Geng created his aggressive, dark and ritualistic calligraphy performance based on this motif- with an installation writing brush crafted for each performances.

    ▼ UVB76
    (Paris, Electronic / Industrial / Tribal / Dark Ambient, audiovisual live)

    Combining electronic and experimental music with contemporary visuals, the duo UVB76 is the Paris-based project of Gaëtan Bizien — graphic designer and video artist — and Tioma Tchoulanov — sound designer and musicology student.

    The two artists have been mixing new media and electronic music since 2014, they also manage the record label and parties OKVLT.

    Since their first EP, “Enter 513” the two musicians have staged their AV live acts in art centres, universities, big festivals and underground clubs in cities including Paris, Vancouver, Seoul,
    Shanghai and Tokyo. Their first LP ‘SAN’ is a good proof of their skills ; melting industrial infused noises, opera singer Mari Suzuki vocals and traditional asian music.

    UVB76 brings in a complex and cinematic universe, based on various cultural influences, a powerful synestesic trip.

    ▼ 若潭 ruò tán
    (Paris / Nanjing, Ritual / Drone / Noise)

    “From darkness to light and inversely. Drawing from drone and noise, a set of sounds leading to the elevation and then to the vertiginous fall, the music of 若潭 ruò tán ventures among introspection and experimentation, using the effects and the minimalist percussions to animate an intense crawling tow...