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    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2009

    bernie sizzey - always

    check this out! it is an amazing discovery made by mixomatosis from the digital vomit records. quoting one of his forum posts:

    The man himself is somewhat stigmatised in Colchester - he's an open transvestite, he's on several hallucinogenic drugs, he spends many days smoking and drinking special brew round the back of the Mercury Theatre (before being moved on by the police), he has serious mental health issues, and unless you already know the man (or you're me) you'd probably cross the road to avoid him. Yet, and I have Massive Hospitalisation's Staff to thank for hooking me up with the man and his music, there is something about his music that is absolutely captivating. All aspects of his life are laid bare for all to see, and it's really a unique way of looking into a world that might as well be a million miles from my own. There's something in this collection that everyone can latch on to, if you'll allow it to. His musicianship isn't great, like most musicians generally defined as "outsider" (folks like Daniel Johnston, Jandek, BJ Snowden, The Shaggs…) but it's his sincerity that makes this worthwhile. And you know what, there are some genuinely great tunes in there amongst the keyboard presets, and some pretty clever lyrics that could make you laugh and cry, so your patience may yet be rewarded.

    the music itself is very close to what the people like ariel pink do if not better..

    there will be 18 releases available online to download for free, one per week:

    you can start from the 'best-of' compilation entitled 'Hippie Scat'

  1.  permalink

    I think he is right to mention Ariel Pink : I feel the same listening to John Maus.

    I don't rally care if it is lo-fi, I think it is a problem for a lot of people because they listen music
    like the ones who prefer looking at the engine of the car and notice this or that,
    better than relaxing and let the driver drive !

    Is the track complete ?
    Seems not.

    Thank you Ubu !

    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2009

    yes, it's complete

    but here's another one:
    bernie sizzey - girlfriend song

  2.  permalink

    Really great ! Do you plan it for your next show ? Otherwise I put an option !!
    (actually playlist for the next The Brain is "locked" but next next one so !)

    Thanks again, it's my stuff.

    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2009

    yes, I think I'll put one track out of this record. but don't know which one yet (I like all of them).
    but let's spread it to the world together! shouldn't we? :pin01:

  3.  permalink

    We definitely should and everyone too but it is just not to put the same track on each show ! You will let me know or I'll ask you.