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    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2015 edited

    La Stocklist Club Moral du jour !

    Etat Brut - Géometrie d'un Assassinat (C-60 cassette)

    A-01 - Hélicoptères
    A-02 - Intro
    A-03 - J. Michaux
    A-04 - Hertz
    A-05 - Poles du Cerveau
    A-06 - Dealey Plaza

    B-01 - Karol Simon
    B-02 - 7 h 30
    B-03 - Allright

    "Géometrie d'un Assassinat" is EB 9. Preceding release is EB008, previously available on this podcast as CM002 "DDV/Etat Brut".

    To many this is regarded as Etat Brut's most 'accessible' release. Although at first sight the music may seem rather enjoyable, the themes or underlying content does not differ from the violence and disturbance of previous releases.
    The idea of brain damage, interference and chemistry seeded in the earlier releases is here fully featured by the 'Surgeons of Electronic Hardcore' as they were called in 'Cassette Gazzette n°ree;7': "This C-60 dissects with a timely realism, the victims that we are of the machine or of the ambient bestiality. The sound material, raw to say the least, works on the wretched corpse with precise notions, a sharp point. Neither sentimentality or hawkishness. Armed with the experience of their autopsy, they lavish care on the severely wounded persons of their euthanasia on the incurables in a final cry of agony (which is ecstasy, of course). A sound universe at the point of intersection of the industrial experimentations / machinations and the German cosmic rock. From this truth-document, one will remember above all "Poles du Cerveau", "Dealey Plaza" where the texts will convince the ultimate sceptics, "Karol Simon", cut-up incision gives free reign to convulsive spasms approaching the dance, and "Allright" howled by DDV in a psychotic trance".

    Further on "Dealey Plaza" reveals a joint interest of Etat Brut and DDV in the life and times (and it's end) of Lee Harvey Oswald. "Karol Simon" is an early proof of fascination for Sex Murders while "7 h 30" describes the dangerous and haunting atmosphere of the infamous 'viaduct' between Etat Brut's lodgings and the centre of Brussels after many sleepless nights. "Allright" kinda became a classic on sparse live performances of Etat Brut. The sound sample (from the movie "The Deerhunter") is played and re-played from a walkman straight into a microphone - no electronic sampling there but instead instant real live-button action by a psychotic DDV.
    Those were the days....

    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2015

    J'adore ce truc

    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2015