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    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2018 edited


    Voici la nouvelle sortie Chinabot:

    Sabiwa - 輪 迴

    Artist: Sabiwa
    Album: 輪迴
    Format: Cassette / Digital
    Cat.No: CHI010
    Master: Justin Randel
    Release Date: 16 November 2018

    ‘輪迴’ (English: reincarnation) is the second album from Taiwanese sound and performance artist Sabiwa. Over 12 tracks she interprets reincarnation through bass heavy rhythms, dissected sound art and intense vocal gymnastics.

    The starting point of Sabiwa’s compositions is her voice - vocal performances abstracted into building blocks for her music. Jia sees her move from mournful ritual to a delay-soaked chorus as the track lurches into ultra-minimal dubstep. On I introduce myself, she takes the role of robotic narrator, while Wo de shijan has her chanting over field recorded tumult.
    Sabiwa creates multi-textured patterns through electronics, sampling and field recordings, shattering the barriers between synthetic and natural sound. Caronte jumps from high energy percussive workout into a bed of whispering voices. Taranta’s... glitched samples meanwhile, seem to be in a constant process of decay and rebirth.
    “‘輪’ means turn,” Sabiwa explains. “‘迴’ means return to, so “‘輪迴’ means reincarnation”.

    “Those are the words of the singing I recorded in Taiwan and I use in the tape, it’s a funeral ceremony. It’s basically about the circle of life. With this album I left my previous form to transform in to something new. It’s like jumping into the void and not knowing what will be next.”
    Chinabot is a platform and collective created to change the dialogue surrounding Asian music.

    "While her voice sits very much at the heart of the action, the array of textures on display over 33 busy minutes is impressive. This sonic meeting point of digital madness, traditional folk musics, and high-energy performative drama seems to be becoming something of a Chinabot signature." Spool's Out

    Taiwanese performance artist Sabiwa uses warping bass, brittle beats, and shifting sample layers as the base for her charismatic vocals. New & Notable by Bandcamp