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    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2019 edited

    ils sontaient là by Accou, released 05 October 2019

    1. A1
    2. A2
    3. B1
    4. B2

    WAKE UP!

    ...can't remember dosing off

    day breaks yet maybe it's worth falling back asleep to drift out of consciousness and call up possibilities of continuing forgotten dreams

    or not, can't force that

    just happens, even with desires to control it

    even still, it's unclear how to recall past images of REM sleep

    tape's still on

    wonder how much was missed

    feels endless

    heavy blankets as it slides in and out of focus entraining brainwaves on countless shifting rhythms that alter breathing patterns and heart rates while modulating disconnected mental images

    no need to ask what for, that doesn't matter

    sound floated thru vibrated media swerves molecules into particular flows like tiny synchronized swimmers with bodies split between air and water moving in tandem with and against chlorinated waves that surround skin flaking away when dry as a tongue without water

    where’d that come from, baited and switched

    another deep breath in to wake this supine body

    ...can't remember dosing off

    cactus teeth cats scratch to tongue particles of remembered snippets only to fray threaded sequences now lost among fogged lenses that never dreamt of opening

    finally, it rains

    nothing gets wet, landscapes littered fed back lizards in chromed boxes

    which unknowns are triggered, triangulating dream-flavoured uncertainty

    tape’s still on

    coiling gears snaked by cycles

    feels endless

    downward onward worstward toward other vistas broken into clouds paradoxing residual animal shapes echoing siren calls that ask for impossible resemblance fruits fly of play forking laboured disfigures

    they’re there, somewhere else

    might as well rebuild subjectless strings to coax out ambient feelings of numogrammatical definiteness swimming bodies of chrome-tipped plastic for another round of brain activity to spike juice from succulent green but whitish mist sediments daybreak

    just happens, baited and switched

    time to pass out...

    musique: accou
    visuels: cesar
    text: lendl