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    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2022

    Out now on all major platforms:

    100% of the proceeds made from this release will be donated to La Frontera on a monthly basis. They are a growing nonprofit that offers comprehensive crisis and community behavioral health services to children, adults, and families throughout the state of Arizona.

    Learn more about La Frontera:

    With a musical career spanning over two decades, Phoenix-based artist Terminal 11 has made it a priority to continuously adapt to the latest in sound design and technology. After a handful of highly acclaimed releases, we welcome him to our family with some of his best and admittedly most personal work yet.

    Emerging from the pinnacle of an early breakcore movement in North America, Terminal 11 became a household name on legendary experimental labels worldwide such as Cock Rock Disco, Hymen, Opal Tapes, and Love Love Records. Although his pioneering sound has mutated over the years, the genre-free, forward-thinking mentality he wields has stayed consistent, allowing him to transcend past any particular style or trend.

    By combining niche machines such as music trackers and modular systems, Terminal 11's production is a unique blend of aged subcultures and keen futurism. Each track serves as the reflection of a live performance that incorporates real-time sampling and looping, modular jams, live effects, and general improvisation. With a desire to keep challenging himself, his audio workstation tends to reform between projects. For his latest EP, he brings out his sharpest tools in an effort to forge something timelessly special.

    "The Heaviness Of Hovering EP" may sound familiar to the avid listener of leftfield electronic music - thumping basslines, off-kilter drum programming, and disorderly synths effortlessly fill the soundscape. Terminal 11 expands on these ideas by refining the foundation of his previous work, forming a more lively sound that feels freshly discovered. Caustic ooze pours out of the stereo in "Von Bridges Kit" as the track progresses into a dystopian realm. "Pressure Cooker" is a clear nod to acid techno and braindance, providing a proper rave anthem for dancefloor enthusiasts. Frantic drum work embodies "To Disappear," slowing in tempo but ensuring to fill each second with altering percussion sequences. The metallic snap in "Rabid Mist" is playfully attentive as the track shapeshifts between a fusion of breakcore and dancehall. The title track repurposes old guitars from his newly founded personal collection to create emotive drones, adding a sentimental touch that serves as a perfect ending to this project.

    The completion of "The Heaviness Of Hovering EP" meant much more to Terminal 11 than simply releasing music - it marks a pivotal moment in his fabled career amidst the underground. Setting these repressed emotions free has allowed him to continue progressing not solely through music, but also as a human. A healing moment proves to be monumental for his growth and just as important for our collective.

    “I created these tracks while experiencing a mental state that oscillated between a blur of healthy functionality and numb avoidance, easing slowly only with time. The experience was a result of deep grieving - my mind had me hovering outside of myself while simultaneously feeling weighed down by life. This project was made gradually over the last two years during the pandemic within rare times that I could disappear into creativity. The tracks are presented in chronological order, keeping true to the timeline of conception and the sequential themes of transformation, healing, and ultimately returning to a fully lucid connection to purpose.”

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    released September 16, 2022

    Mike Castañeda - production, mixdown
    Amir Mashayekhi - mastering
    Nic Juister - cover art, visuals

    "Dedicated to my father - Jorge Guillermo Castañeda (1961-2020)"