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    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2012 edited

    Une fresh nouvelle mix from dordrecht..... bisous!
    PS: Thank you puyo and eva for inspiring me to find the good sounds....enjoy!


    00:00 sadra...your being called
    00:04 Logosamphia - Kazoo intro
    00:29 Barbapapa dutch version
    00:53 Gregaldur - Mayotte choupi
    03:27 Unknown artist - unknown title
    06:10 Mziuri - unknown title
    08:14 Ronny Bhikharie - Ja re ja re panchi
    11:33 Capacocha - That aint my revolution
    15:34 Khristianity - Fresh tank engine of Bel-air
    16:22 Passenger of shit - Stapletapewurmsonmypenis
    19:43 FFF - War is in the dance
    23:34 Unknown artist - Sat tee touy
    25:50 Kans hasan baba - Pesare shoja
    30:23 Milligram retreat - Neue stadt [live @ Disko Resistencia]
    34:04 N.Sokolov - Safari
    36:39 Harry Thuman - Sphinx
    41:45 Visitors - V-I-S-I-T-O-R-S
    46:10 Zuiikin English - How dare you say such a thing to me...
    49:56 Positive Noise - Hypnosis
    53:42 Logosamphia - Les mongole c'est geniale
    58:55 Artificial Organs - This & that
    62:42 Flash System - Sadhu
    67:35 They must be russians - Dont try to cure yourself
    70:23 Bottroper Hammerchor - Jup Putta
    73:20 Bakterielle Infektion - Chem
    76:06 Knifehandchop - Hooked on Ebonics
    80:14 VOCODER - Radio
    85:10 Les Snuls [Frap Parade] - Alexandrie Ah!
    86:00 Holger Czukay - Lets get hot
    90:52 Chantana - Changwah Disco
    93:07 Dara Puspita - Mari Mari
    96:22 Logic System - Plan
    99:20 Mekanik kommando - Crow
    103:08 Lunapark Ensemble - Flim [aphex twin cover]
    105:55 Wha-ha-ha - Nojari

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    Je scotch en mode looping sur Gregaldur - Mayotte choupi

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    Can't wait to hear this but first, family lunch... :pin-pyjama.gif:

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    Merci Ubik, since I played with monsieur gregaldur last year in holland, I really fell in love with his crazy sound, and what an live experience....pfoooo!! Bon appetite monsieur puyo! Time for coffee!! :pin-dodo.jpg:

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    personal top 5 moustache: :pin-bob-stache.gif:

    23:34 Unknown artist - Sat tee touy
    30:23 Milligram retreat - Neue stadt [live @ Disko Resistencia]
    34:04 N.Sokolov - Safari
    86:00 Holger Czukay - Lets get hot [NOTE: THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM "LETS GET COOL IN HE POOL"]
    96:22 Logic System - Plan

    • CommentAuthorrobis24
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2012

    Wow nice photo , I WILL listen on my mp3 player.

    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2012

    Merci Ibrahim pour ces sons magnifiques.
    Cela, et l'ananas, pourrait finalement guérir cette gueule de bois.

    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2012

    Tats~ you just got indexed

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    j'en ai repris deux fois

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    Capacocha ! YEAH :pin01.gif:

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    46:10 Zuiikin English - How dare you say such a thing to me...
    49:56 Positive Noise - Hypnosis

    Wouhouuuu !

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    Thank you!! Robis24 beter rock je hem op je mp3, kahhhh bono in daar....
    Datamoeras je bent geniaal.....goed spul!

    Puyo but there are lots of dutch goodies in there... capacocha, FFF, kans hasan baba [half dutch/half FR/half Iran], Milligram retreat, Lunapark, and logos....Holland is uprising in the scene...but puyo you did not check the ibrahim 3???

    Also the positive noise - hypnosis really reminds me of the DOGPOLICE intro!!! oh and please help us pascal, we are searching for a song from brain?? it sings: "round, round....round and round......hmmm huuuu huuu hmm something something...."
    we searched doscii all night results, if you know what we mean please give is the name... thank you!

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    Urff can you give more indications ?

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    hmmm..... ok here is the indicator:

  12.  permalink

    OK I feel it but was it in a recent show (111/100) or older ?

  13.  permalink

    hmm...not sure, but it has been driving us crazy.....there is no "round" in the title and we have no idea about what episode range...i thought it sould be somewhere between 76 and 111...... not sure.... sorry, AAARGHHH!!! it is sang by ladies i believe... thats about all the info we have got.:pin-reverse.jpg:

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    I will find ! I know it bur you know...

    Your video helps !

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    Isn't it ?

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    brain 110....and so actuellement! you made my evening! huraay!

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    The producer, Steen Gjerulff, was danish. It was reedited by Clone Records in 2009

    Any other question, son ?

    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2012 edited

    Not for now....but there will be much more in ze futur..... merci papy ananas!

  23.  permalink

    Hoooo cutie !! Thanks ! I will add her there

    • CommentTimeFeb 7th 2012

    oh my god. oh my god. of course he knows!

    puyo, weve been searching for hours for this song

    go go round and round
    perfect magic magic electronic!

    (so much to learn ):grapp02.gif:

    • CommentTimeFeb 7th 2012

    let's warm it up everybody

    • CommentTimeFeb 7th 2012 edited
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    Posted By: datamoerasWhy does adding salt to pineapple make it sweet?

    This is definitely the fruit of magic ! Thanks for the tip !! (and all)

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    Yiiiiihaaaa!!!! ananaspassion! Just found out that Mekanik kommando is also dutch!! added to the list...:shoboshobo-09.png:

    • CommentTimeFeb 10th 2012

    OH MAIS !
    J'avais loupé ça !
    Great mix ! THANKS !

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    its my pleasure! enjoy! part 5 is also out just now!! :pin01.gif: