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    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2016 edited

    Wahou ça a l'air super :

    Two years after Grönland Records chronicled Düsseldorf, Germany's early electronic music scene with their Electri_city compilation, the label has announced a second instalment is on the way. Due out August 12, Electri_city 2 puts the spotlight on vintage cuts from the likes of NEU!, DAF and Michael Rother.

    A press release explains that the first comp arrived at the same time as German author Rudie Esch's Electri_city – Elektronische_Musik_Aus_Düsseldorf, which explored the bands who had developed and delivered the Düsseldorf sound throughout the 1970s and '80s. The imminent arrival of Electri_city 2 is being timed with a forthcoming English translation of the music history book.

    Electri_city 2 is said to chronicle Germany's early experimental electronic music scene, with the artists having explored the sounds of the Minimoog, ARP Odyssey, Roland System 100, MC4, Korg MS-20 and the Roland TR-808. It's added that the series launches listeners "on an intelligent and sophisticated roller coaster ride through one of the most integral chapters of recent German music history."

    For the second collection, this is done through the inclusion of cuts from the famed NEU!, as well as spinoff project La Düsseldorf and the band's Michael Rother. Also appearing on the comp are Wolfgang Riechmann, Teja Schmitz, Rheingold, Die Krupps and more. Notably, English Eurythmics vocalist Annie Lennox is featured on Robert Görl's "Darling Don`t Leave Me."

    The tracklists differ a bit between the CD and LP editions of Electri_city 2, with the CD carrying three extra cuts. The song order between the two mediums is also different. You'll find the full details on both editions down below, along with a trailer for the project.

    Electri_city 2:



    1. Wolfgang Riechmann - "Abendlicht"
    2. NEU! - "Isi"
    3. Rheingold - "Fluss"
    4. Robert Görl - "Darling Don`t Leave Me" (ft. Annie Lennox)
    5. Die Krupps - "Zwei Herzen, ein Rhythmus"


    1. La Düsseldorf - "La Düsseldorf"
    2. DAF - "Kebabträume"
    3. Teja Schmitz - Studieren"
    4. Topolinos - "Mustafa"
    5. Michael Rother - "Karussell"


    1. Wolfgang Riechmann - "Abendlicht"
    2. NEU! - "Isi"
    3. Rheingold - "Fluss"
    4. Robert Görl - "Darling Don't Leave Me" (ft. Annie Lennox)
    5. Die Krupps - "Zwei Herzen, ein Rhythmus"
    6. Teja Schmitz - Studieren"
    7. DAF - "Kebabträume"
    8. Pyrolator - "Max"
    9. La Düsseldorf - "La Düsseldorf"
    10. Der Plan - "Gummitwist"
    11. Liaisons Dangereuses - "Etre Assis Ou Danser"
    12. Topolinos - "Mustafa"
    13. Michael Rother - "Karussell"