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    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2017

    Ça a l'air bien tout ça :

    Un morceau en entier là :

    CLIPS OF "S/T" ///// OUT MAY, 15 2017 ///// LIMITED TO 150 COPIES(12")
    The track "Women's Liberation Day" was released in 1995, on a tape called "Hello Toni / Goodbye Ian" composed by Unit Moebius & Salò Mentale.
    4th release from Mélodies Souterraines various artists serie, "S/T" is back with the darkest and coldest record from the serie.

    Hamburg based WOSTO (Half of Fallbeil duo) diving you into German wave/punk/noise guided by trash vocals, abrasive guitars and percussive noise. Get up, take the trip, and let's get on, never go out of that colored torturated dancing world.

    Followed by same city producer, DIE KARTOFFEL makes you enter into cold electro, drastic vocals and synth dedicated to Drexciya. Proper German wave, involved into fast harsh synth lines and rAvolted spirit, let's burn the vocoDER.

    ALENE MARIE (aka Liquid Asset) previously presented her universe via a surrounded tape on Primitive Language Nick Klein's imprint. Here find a melodious-terrifiying aspect of the robot. Deep experimentations, for a late night-mare. If you're not into obscurity, shut the light off.

    Old Netherlands precursor SALò MENTALE appears with the fear. Drummer, Cunker activist, Stichting Maldoror label founder... He is one of the most obscure pathfinder of Den Haag, working, playing, with the most intriguants and mad musicians from the country.

    AUTONOM (:Codes), Belgium based, this electro soldier appeared on cult Kommando 6 label, orchestred by Beta Evers among others straight labels like La Forme Lente or Enfant Terrible. This track, in the vein of "Warm Leatherette" reminds the old energy of what we could define as Electro, New Wave, Synth Pop or ... Techno. Electric and radical, this track was recorded in 2003.

    Photography by Stuart Frankin, 1986. Manchester. Copyright Magnum Photos.