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    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2017

    Voilà qui s'annonce bien :

    Le_non_scum - N48° 53’ 19’’ E2° 23’ 1,6’’ by Le_non_scum, released 28 November 2017

    1. Disposition Matrix - Disposition Matrix
    2. Scenes from Salad - Scenes from Salad
    3. Erik Minkkinen - Erik Minkkinen
    4. DRK - DRK
    5. The Bunny Tylers vs Class of 69 - The Bunny Tylers vs Class of 69
    6. minifer - minifer
    7. Pituitary Hunter - Pituitary Hunter
    8. Fusiller - Fusiller
    9. Minitel - Minitel
    10. Clark Gable - Clark Gable

    April 25th, 2017. Everyone was at l’Epoque to see Erik Minkkinen perform another great electronic set.
    Timothée Comte has been a loyal fan of our cassettes since day one. He approached us, and told us he had an exhibition of his paintings planned for a whole week in June at the Ourcq blanc artist space. He’d like to organize an event centered on our label. We immediately thought “brilliant”, and started asking all our present friends (ie everyone) if they’d be interested in playing. I made a note on my phone of the name of all that agreed to play (ie everyone).
    Come morning, I opened the note and was faced to the fact that:
    - we had more than ten names
    - we simply don’t know how to make this 'organize a concert' thing.
    So, we asked Jedrek for help.
    He’s successfully been organizing events as le_non_jazz for years. Some of which have been life-changing experiences that we all remember. Always a great night out, discovering very diverse artists you’ve never heard of, in places you’ve never been to. He agreed to help us. I won’t live long enough to thank him accordingly for that. During the whole preparation, a steady balance was found between enthusiasm and the stark logistic reality of organizing a festival. To be honest, I was scared shitless. It turned out that having cool friends that also happen to be great musicians really helped. Everyone gave a hand and helped making it as easy as tea party.
    A tea party of the fabulous kind. People sometimes ask me which concert I preferred. I guess I’ll never find an answer to that question. I don’t recall a single dull moment, and I was found most of the time in the front row with a huge grin on my face.
    Another thing that helps a lot is when all your friends happen to be very cool and fabulously gifted visual artists. The Ourcq blanc mezzanine was turned into the best merchandise table ever. Specially produced zines, cassettes, patches, and gorgeous existing catalogue were provided by Fais le toi même si t’es pas content, Royal Sperm, Shoboshobo, Eden Editions, Tanzprocesz, Bruit Direct Disques, Officine, Premier Sang and Surveillance Tape.
    Stéphane and Timothée have pestered me from day one about issuing a box set with the recording of all the concerts. I’ve systematically grumpily replied with answer like “too expensive”, “too Pink Floyd” and pretended to focus on organizing the concerts (Jedrek did 90% of that). I asked Antoine to record the concerts anyway, secretly hoping a technical glitch would justify cancelling such an unreasonable project.
    It’s totally clear now that the only glitch was my refusal to see that they were obviously right.
    As everyone that was there can attest, these two evenings were just perfect. From Disposition Matrix live premiere to Clark Gable duetting with Erik Minkkinen (you're not dreaming), everyone had such a great time, that I’ve had no choice but to soften my position.
    So, thanks to all involved: Musicians, Le_non_jazz crew, Ourcq Blanc crew, editors, friends, audience, weather, rallonge.
    A fitting way to turn fifty.