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    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2018

    <3 <3 <3

    THE DEATH OF COPYRIGHT by Ergo Phizmiz (PLC), released 22 August 2018

    1. Bedsheet Smell
    2. The Bromb
    3. Its a Srin
    4. Sraturday Nright
    5. Krarma Police
    6. A Little Resprect
    7. Let's Get Ready Rhumba
    8. Trurn Around
    9. Slap My Bass Up
    10. I Thrink We Are Alone Now
    11. That Bassline
    12. Sruvivor
    13. Trick Mre
    14. Get UR Frerak On
    15. Rock Your Brody
    16. Droo Wop That Thing
    17. Hrollaback Girl
    18. Whrite Light Whrite Heat
    19. The Grift
    20. Lady Grodiva's Operation
    21. Here She Crumbs Now
    22. I Hreard Her Call My Name
    23. Srister Rray
    24. Music to Celebrate the Reunion of S Club 7
    25. A Jilted Introduction
    26. Break and Renter
    27. Their Lraw
    28. Frull Thottle
    29. Vroodoo Preople
    30. Spreedway
    31. The Hreart
    32. Proison
    33. No Grood Start the Drance
    34. One Loaf
    35. 3 Krilos
    36. Skrylined
    37. Claustrophobic String
    38. Srerve The Srervants
    39. Screntless Apprentrice
    40. Heart Shraped Brox
    41. Rrape Mre
    42. Frances Frarmer
    43. Drumb
    44. Very Apron
    45. Mrilk It
    46. Prennyroyal Tree
    47. Radio Friendly Runit Shitter
    48. Trourettes
    49. Rall Aprologies
    50. Hephalumps
    51. My Special Party
    52. Vordhosbn with After Dinner Mints
    53. Wendy House Lockets
    54. Laughable Hed Pedro
    55. Honour Roman Nip
    56. Michel & Michael Concentrate on the Brass
    57. Clay Hills Cop
    58. Come to Debbie
    59. Groove is in the Art
    60. Mr Vrain
    61. Blue Dra Bra Dree
    62. Gonna Make You Sweet
    63. Mrambo No 5
    64. Rhythm is a Drancer
    65. Encore Une Fois
    66. Jrolene
    67. Sunshine on a Rrainy Day
    68. Crud it be Magick
    69. Hroliday
    70. Yodeling Wrichita Lrineman

    Here is the situation.

    You are fucked, we are all fucked.

    You know this already.

    A large part of the reason you are fucked is that your life is, to greater and lesser extents, controlled by about three large, very incestuous corporations.

    These corporations, as well as ensuring that every element of your life is watched and regulated, a co-operation that you actively encourage and participate in, also have been, for some time, impeding the actual flow of cultural progress and development.

    Where is your fucking spirit? Surely not lodged in the sperm banks of Apple? Why do you listen to the people that tell you support large corporations because this, in turn, will support independent artists? It isn't true and never was. The artists you are supporting through the large corporations are incest victims and nothing more. Feel sorry for them, but don't buy their records - they don't need you to. Support, instead, independent artists who live the dream of the early internet and the democratisation of taste.

    The pop song has not only existed since the birth of recording. The nature of the pop song is that it is something which is "popular", which is to say that it enters popular culture. Before the spectacular triumph of modern capitalism, the entry of an object into popular culture implied collective ownership.

    Nowadays, with the full fledged sensory assault we have inflicted on us by the media, we should have more right than ever to assimilate and personalise these materials. Instead, we are locked into tight regulations that make us criminals for interpreting materials that we didn't even want to hear in the first place. Then didn't want to hear again. Then didn't want to hear again.

    Consequently the intent of this release is to infringe as many major label copyrights as possible simultaneously, in the name of progress, justice, and the human right to imagine and re-imagine!

    Songs, and songwriters, progress through hearing their work interpreted and re-interpreted. Imagine a world without both Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald's versions of Cole Porter songs. This album provides all the artists involved with a wonderful opportunity to see how big the world can be.

    Artists and Composers of the World Unite! You have nothing to lose but your tunes!