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    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2019

    Chapter One, Decade by Iron Sight, released 03 January 2019

    1. Years
    2. Hide
    3. Blades
    4. Weekend
    5. Echo


    Chapter One, Decade is the newest sonic story in the library of Strange Therapy, written and told by Iron Sight. Five heart piercing personal pieces, jam-packed with loud passion.

    Years opens the heavily creaking doors to a time traveling hallway. The symphonic string walls are decorated with distant memories. They shake and quake with every uttered word. Each striking syllable creates a crack in the ground. Hide exploits those cracks for a full on excavation. Barrages of screeching metal pierce the porous earth while a violent voice blasts away large chunks of cold hard earth. The rocks are sent flying sky-high through the eerie atmosphere. Blades sounds even more explosive, with its gut-punching drums. The voice now roars through the swarming synthetic sounds of poisonous hornets. Screaming and soaring, it channels horror in every square inch of air.

    Weekend doesn't let anything escape the suffocating tight embrace between the powers of desperation, destruction and creation. Mechanical pumps draw from a pool of raw emotion, bubbling and overflowing. Echo is the last dive and the final splash in this pool. Drops fly high, refracting the twilight of frequencies before they bounce off against natural forces. Falling back down as piano sounds they make ripples, causing a moving reflection.