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    • CommentTimeNov 18th 2023



    released June 25, 2015

    Music by Naive Ted except where noted below.

    All songs recorded in Limerick City, 2013­-15.
    Project overseen by Deviant.

    P & C ­Unscene Music, 2015

    "The Inevitable Heel Turn", ­music by Naive Ted & Steve Hanks, produced by Naive Ted.

    "Hard Breaking" ­, music by Naive Ted & T­-Woc, produced by Naive Ted.
    "Burn" , music by Naive Ted & Madek, produced by Naive Ted.

    Mixed by Naive Ted & Danny Deepo.
    Mastered by Danny Deepo.

    Artwork handmade by Zulaikha Engelbrecht.

    Big thanks to Steve Hanks, T­-Woc and Madek for their contributions to this record, to Ger Punk and K>O.I.~3.2^6 for the remixes and to Zu for the artwork.

    Special thanks to the Accomplice.

    Love and fistbumps to Manu Chiwawa, Danny Deepo, Ray Wingnut, Rusangano fam, Colm and all the Connollys, Jimmy Penguin, Mikey Fingers, Peter Curtin, Jimmy Hatetank, Hobo Convention & Live Styles fam, Clerk 5, Spek Fiktion, Pa & Steve Windings, Sebi C, Noid the Droid, Lambo, Laura O' Connell, Stevie G, Denise Chaila, Nanu Nanu, Jack & all @ Bierhaus, Tokin' White Boy, Dan Sykes, Teddy, Don & all the Macronite posse, Kieran Burke, Theory, Breaks, Mr. Barton, Jeremy Murphy, Tim Ording, Moschops, all @ Working Class Records, Keith & Treasa BangBang, Dec Sixfoot & all @ !kaboogie, Billy Jam, Naomi & Shapey, Steve Lavan, Djackulate & OKO, Billy Kemp, Steve Savage, Fergal Devitt, Daithi Curtin, HairyBo, Lynched, SertOne, Jee4ce, Todd Tuttle, Cut & Paste/SSS crews, Evil Grin, Roisin Ni Galloglaigh, This Side Up, The Person.

    And finally, shouts to Community Skratch fam everywhere, Music Generation Limerick, Make­a­Move, Learning Hub Limerick, Choice Cuts, All City, The Thin Air,, Dolittle presents, Yearning Curve, Parlour TV, Cian O' Ciobhain, Donal Dineen, Plugd Records, Southern Hospitality and everyone who has supported us so far. Ta.
    all rights reserved