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    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2023

    ♪ offering of these x10 tracks of recordings from 1989-1991.......♪
    This album from my Master analogue tapes here at home studio naffi
    Mixed, Recorded, Produced - Studer A80
    Mastered on analogue 1/4" 2 track Studer
    at naffi home studio 1989-1991 - Brenda
    1. - B.Kenny/F.Viaduct.
    6. -.Mix/Production - F.Viaduct

    'The new “fragrant” collection covers ambient-washed conscious rap – hip-hop-influenced, sample-saturated selections, busy with horns and Blaxploitation boogie licks. Jive collages of `50s radio and movie dialogue. There’s sexy latin jazz syncopation and out there orchestration........Theme From A Tall Dark Stranger, originally recorded by Brenda, with The Beachballs, in 1986, makes a Return, in a beefed-up reading. Hypnotic, conga`d, tabla`d, kinda new beat clanking beneath its melodica and dubwise echo. There’s dramatic ZTT-esque disco drama, and happy, loved-up, pop house...........'

    '.......for those of you familiar with Brenda Ray’s work, from her now highly sought after classic mini-LP as Brenda And The Beachballs, too her two fabulous, more recent releases on Manchester’s Aficionado Recordings, you will know what to expect here....... For those of you not already hip to the joy of Brenda’s music, it might be .....Imagine, if you will, a sort of experimental, electronic, house-meets-bossa-nova-dub-pop. Something like A.R. Kane, meets It’s Immaterial, with a bit of Augustus Pablo thrown in. It really is a weird and wonderful, and totally original body of work, all recorded between 1989-91 in her home studio in the North West of England....... "

    'This collection of ten very classy sounding Balearic pop songs actually consists of unreleased material from 1989-1991, a fact you'd never have guessed from merely listening to it. Brenda is a UK based singer and producer, and during the 80s frontperson of Brenda and the Beachballs (whose 'Theme From A Tall Dark Stranger' makes a return in a new form here), and the palate of influences does revolve around the best the decade had to offer - Grace Jones, ZTT, Roxanne Shante and early St Etienne are all echoed.....'

    "........Applying a distinctly dubwise experimental approach to these burgeoning genres along with her characteristic pop sensibility the results are nothing short of spectacular ranging from the hazy melodica led blissed out dub epic 'Return Of Theme From A Tall Dark Stranger' to the bass thumping proto-hip hop of 'Dancehall Exocet' to the heartbreakingly beautiful dub smudged house of 'Spirit's So High.......'
    Nov. 2022 -'

    From completion of naafi sandwich/naffi/naffi locksman in 1983, from the now known as naffi studio came the subsequent recordings as Brenda And The Beach Balls Volume 1 LP in 1986, and three singles on Siren/Virgin in 1987/88. Recordings never stopped, and from 1993, commenced creating/recording here all titles for Brenda Ray - Walatta products.
    From this period onwards, releases included Brenda Ray, Brenda Beachball Ray, x2 7" vinyl + cds, + x2 12" vinyl ep's.

    This album from my Master analogue tapes here at home studio naffi
    Mixed, Recorded, Produced - Studer A80
    Mastered on analogue 1/4" 2 track Studer
    at naffi home studio 1989-1991 - Brenda
    1. - B.Kenny/F.Viaduct.
    6. -.Mix/Production - F.Viaduct

    Big Respect - Archie Shepp, Marion Brown, Charles Lloyd, Brother Jack McDuff.
    Specials - Spirit and Dubmeister Supreme Gerry Kenny(Sir Freddie Viaduct), Jaz and Miles
    Thanks - Captain Bruce Bairnsfeather(b.c. image) Steve 'On The Wire' Barker, f.c. image(c)Glen Baxter, Nathan Higham and Paul 'Studer Spa' Higham.

    naffi studio
    causey cuts recordings
    released January 1, 2022

    Brenda Ray(Kenny) - Vocals,Harmonies,'Melodica,
    Hand Played Alessi HR16 and Percussion, non-sequenced Roland Keyboard for Brass/Strings/Koto, Electronics.
    Freddie Viaduct - 1. Bass Guitar,Organ 2. Bass Guitar,4. Bass Guitar 5. Bass Guitar, 6. Bass Guitar, Roland TR707
    Eugene Lange - 1. 6. - Vox
    Tony Jones - 7.- Synth Bass, Drum Pattern, Vox
    John Williamson - 4.10. - Acoustic Guitar
    all rights reserved