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    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2013

    Cette semaine, c'est plutôt jazzy sur Words On Tracks, un mix fait exprès pour flâner tranquillement dans son hamac...!

    La playlist, la voici :

    1 Energit - Nocni Motyl 00:17 - 06:20
    2 The Soft Machine - the German lesson 06:20- 12:19
    3 Tortoise - There were women and men 12:19- 17:02
    4 Thundercat - It really doesn't matter to you 17:02- 20:31
    5 The Meters - Pungee 20:31- 23:08
    6 White Denim - Sex Prayer 23:08- 25:09
    7 The Flaming Lips - The Impulse 25:09 - 28:35
    8 Pluramon - Difference machine 28:35 - 32:30
    9 Lesser/ Matmos and Wobbly - Simultaneous Quodlibet 32:30 -38:53
    10 Matmos - Mister Mouth 38:53- 42:10
    11 Mouse on Mars - Detected beats 42:10- 47:20
    12 Tortoise - Monument Six one thousand 47:20- 50:30
    13 Flying Lotus - Heave[N] 50:30- 52:31
    14 Mouse on mars - All the old powers 52:31 - 55:40
    15 Dorian concept - Freehanded Monkey 55:40 - 58:38
    16 Jessie Pratcher - Mary Mack 58:38 - 59:25

    Le petit texte, le voilà :

    "What you're listening to has all been taken from my collection of vinyl at home, so forgive the occasional crackle and noise in the back. Though I listen to stuff online I prefer pulling out a vinyl, I guess it's just where I come from and what I'm used to.
    I used to dj hiphop and jungle, it's where the musical adventure started for me. When I was in art school I remember a friend of mine playing the TNT album by Tortoise, I was blown away by it. I was getting into fusion and funk at the time, because I was playing in a band with some really talented musicians.
    Though hearing the TNT album, I noticed that this was a sound that really fitted me. It had it all, jazz, electronics, rock and experiment. He also introduced me to Mouse on Mars, I was sold immediately and am since..( no coincidence that their both in here twice :)
    Nowadays I listen to all kinds of stuff, hence this tape is a bit diverse, if I dj from time to time I play all kinds of tracks, never restricting to a certain genre so I guess this tape kind of suits me.
    What I look for in music in general is an amount of energy, skill and sound..always sound!!
    Be it the fusion of Energit ( which I came across in Berlin last year), Soft Machine and the more current awesomeness of Thundercat and Tortoise, the funk of The Meters and White Denim ( this track at least!) to the amazing electronics of Matmos, Mouse on Mars and Flying Lotus. It's all there for me, I hope for you as well.


    BONNE ÉCOUTE, et n'hésitez pas à faire tourner!


    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2013

    C'est parti !