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    • CommentTimeOct 4th 2015

    La Stocklist Club Moral du jour!

    Angst - Angst (C-60 cassette)

    A-01 - Untitled
    B-01 - Untitled

    "Angst" is ZZ ZZZ 02. This is the second release by Erik Vloeberghs, preceded by "Last Exercise in Self-Destruction".
    The tape has 2 long compositions based on recorded conversations, effects, synthesizer drones and occasional drums and other instruments. Nor the tape itself, nor the cover gives any information about the tracks or the band.
    There exists no printed catalogue of the many releases of Erik Vloeberghs and we couldn't find any other information about this release. It was published in early 1982, while Vloeberghs was also involved in "Kwajongens in Bloei", to be featured in a next episode of the ClubMoralStocklist Podcast.

    "Angst" is a landmark in the history of Belgian noise music. It was the first release that stood far away from the many new wave synth music bands as well as from the upcoming power electronics or mechanical rhythm stuff. The involved sound pieces were based on a recording of a Christmas party at 'De Witte Villa', and heavily layered with slowdown experiments and ambient sounds. The idea of music was heavily related to writing in the cut-up tradition of William Burroughs and Brion Gysin, but at the same time not influenced by audio works from these artists.
    Erik Vloeberghs was also a great writer and poet, he published several volumes of his own writings on looseleaf pages and/or xeroxed editions including "Eerste Rapport van de Liga voor de Vernietiging van het Heelal" (1000 copies, 1981), "9.999.999 Miljoen Erotische Variaties" (door "De Liga voor Ditjes en Datjes, 1982), "De Ziekte van Burroughs" (1983), "Kom in het Huis van God!" (1983) en "Notities" (1984) to name a few.

    Erik Vloeberghs' writings have also been extensively published in Force Mental as of nr 1. We also have a huge volume of correspondence in our archive, ranging from postcards to 8-page letters. Some of his later poetry is available on this website.
    He continues to work as a civil servant, responsible for the website and digital newsletter of the Belgian National Institute of Statistics.

    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2016

    Mouhahahaha j'ai la cassette!