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    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2020 edited


    Ripped in lossless WMA in the highest setting of bitrate.

    Disk 1 Track List:
    Gamers in Exile - I Am A Decent Man 0:00
    Fossil - Kick'SC 3:11
    Cex - Furcoat 4:36
    Aelters - Poc Size 8:33
    Jetone - Ginotopia 10:54
    Joseph Nothing - Exoticmanwalking (edit) 15:59
    Knifehandchop Sun Jammer Is My Favorite Pokemon Trainer 20:23
    D84 Rock-its-hip 22:01
    Lesser Mensa Dunce Squad (Leg Up Program) 25:53
    bLectum From bLechdom* aLways Frank 30:03
    Sonic Dragolgo Strange 32:25
    Disc Where My Brap At? 35:37
    Goodiepal Wooper 38:18
    Dwayne Sodahberk I Understand You 41:04
    Medicine (2) One More Night 45:35
    Tugboat Fantastic! I Want To Go To The Disco 47:22
    Lusine Icl* Shin 52:19
    Noriko Tujiko* White Film 55:53
    Pisstank A Small Good Thing 56:55
    Twerk Jujik_olop 1:00:53
    Pimmon King Coming Melodia 1:03:42
    Ted Sulkowicz Kid_newtown 1:07:47
    Wobbly Made Happy 1:10:45

    End Disk 1

    Disk 2 Track List:
    Kid606 You Just Don't Understand 1:17:53
    Com.A Hallucination Acid Lobot 1:21:39
    Gold Chains Feat. Nina Oppenheim Burn Babylon 1:25:08
    Dwayne Sodahberk Nu_maschine 1:27:48
    Languis Snowfall 1:32:41
    Electric Company Lit Up And Protruding 1:37:37
    Kevin bLechdom* kLardiscopic Remedy #1 1:42:01
    Daedelus Exp. 1:43:41
    DAT Politics #21 1:45:07
    Max Tundra The Bill 1:47:57
    Geoff White Fog G 1:49:18
    Stars As Eyes More Difficult 1:55:49
    Steward The Man With The Tiny Hands 2:00:33
    Jean Bach P-mechccjoymx 2:03:10
    Mikael Stavöstrand Or 2:05:35
    Nut'n'honey Eskimokisses 2:10:17
    Swim With The Dolphins Yr Guitar 2:14:13
    Kpt.Michi.Gan* Yr Lips/Yr Eyes 2:17:36
    About This Product 18 Metal Birds Pt. 1 2:19:45
    Leafcutter John Untitled 4 [Edit] 2:20:22
    Stilluppsteypa Nice Things To File Away 2:23:25
    celebrating two years of life as a corporate entity