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    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2021

    An homage to the groundbreaking Osaka label founded by the late great Agi Yuzuru.

    Selected and mixed by JD Twitch of Optimo (@twitch / @optimo-music) with tracks taken from the Vanity Records Anthology Box Sets available for pre-order via in Japan and in the rest of the world, and to be released October 21st 2019.


    SAB - Agate
    Dada - Yuuen • Inraku • Gaki
    Tolerance - Voyage Au Bout Delanuit
    R.N.A.O. Meets P.O.P.O. - Nativity
    Sympathy Nervous - A Worm
    Aunt Sally - 醒めた火事場で
    Sympathy Nervous - Polaroid
    BGM - Member Ship Card
    Normal Brain - MUSIC
    Mario Agato - Submarine
    Kiiro Radical - Denki Noise Dance 4
    Perfect Mother - You’ll No So Wit
    Mad Tea Party - Hide And Seek
    Mad Tea Party - Modern Time's Pop
    Perfect Mother- Dark Disco Da. Da. Da. Da. Da. Run

    Cult Osaka label Vanity Records played a pivotal role in the early underground Japanese music scene of the late 70s and early 80s, releasing an impressive number of cutting edge (and now hard-to-find) albums and singles in its short but very influential and groundbreaking existence. Its founder Agi Yuzuru, known as a singer, DJ, and the music critic/editor behind alternative music publication ROCK MAGAZINE (in which he notably coined the term « techno pop » in 1978 while reviewing Kraftwerk’s Die Mensch·Maschine) was a true visionary when it came to understanding new music genres and how they would change the course of culture. His intuition, impeccable taste and passion for connecting artists and spearheading projects made him a trailblazing force in the blossoming of the DIY electronic/avant-garde/synth/post-punk/wave movement in Japan and an all-around icon whose legacy still holds strong.

    Avi Yuzuru sadly passed away on October 21st 2018. To celebrate his life and work, Osaka’s Kyou Records/Studio Warp will release a Vanity Records anthology in the form of three box sets (18 CDs total) on October 21st 2019. Eight years in the making and conceived in collaboration with Agi Yuzuru and the whole roster of artists involved with Vanity, the limited edition project includes CD reissues of all albums and singles originally released by the label as well as never-seen archival material.

    Box Set 1: Vanity Box (11 CDs) - Edition of 500
    All albums (most never released on CD before) as well as all tracks released as 7" singles on Vanity.

    Box Set 2: Vanity Tapes (6 CDS) - Edition of 300
    CD reissue of the cassette box set Limited Edition Vanity Records Box Set released in 1981 as an edition of 30 -  compiling the best demos received by Agi Yuzuru/Vanity.

    Box Set 3: Musik (2 CDs) - Edition of 400
    CD reissue of complilation Music originally released as a double LP in 1981. Also a selection of demos sent to Agi Yuzuru.

    JD Twitch twitter:
    Optimo Facebook: