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    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2010 edited

    2ème album d'Igorrr > Acroplane_Recordings -
    Release date: 04.05.2009

    Igorrr - Moisissures


    "... electronica, baroque music, death metal and trip hop among others."


    Cover artwork by Mioch -

    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2010 edited

    Petit Edit pour la sortie de Moisissures + Poisson Soluble en Double 12" Vinyl !! Les deux premiers album de Igorrr donc avec quelques bonus inédits, avec en guest RAOUL SINIER, ROTATOR et INDIAN SONIC ! J'en bave d'avance.


    "Is it possible for an artist to fuse such diverse elements as baroque and grind-core, to progress from a hyperfast deadly drum-mayhem to a groovie swing rhythm and all in-between to emerge the passion of a flamenco dance, followed by the rapid fire of clapping audience sounds in uneven measures, when an operatic voice announces the growling of a brutal monster? It is indeed! And the name of this monster? Igorrr, a crazy scientists' creation from the junction of musical- body parts. And to the satisfaction of the voracious expectations of a demanding audience, this monster is a succesfull one ,not just a chaotic medley of dismembered parts, but a creature, that can walk and breath on its own sake and purpose, a fusion of styles that merges so well that one forgets the diversity and seemingly disagreeability of stylisic expressions. Igorrr is a monster that resembles human genuinity and diversion in the most balanced ways, and though it is wild and brutal it is also romantic and gentle too, in the image of its creator."

    Track list


    A1.Valse en DEcomposition
    A2.Oesophage de Tourterelle
    A5.Liquid Requiem
    A6.Brutal Swing

    B1.Squelette REverssible
    B2.Phasme ObEse
    B3.Huile Molle


    A1.Petit PrElude PerimE
    A2.Mastication NumErique
    A3.Tartine de Contrebasse
    A4.Pizza aux Narines
    A5.Dixit Dominus
    A6.Dieu est-il un Etre

    B1.Sorbet aux Ongles
    B2.Igorrr & Indian Sonic - Grodji
    B3.Igorrr & Indian Sonic - Ganapati
    B4.Bleed (Remix for Meshuggah)
    B5.Valse en DEcomposition (Raoul Sinier Recomposition)
    B6.Melting Nails (Rotator)

    Credits :

    Arwork by Mioch -
    All sound-works by Igorrr -

    Raoul Sinier:
    Rotator :
    Indian Sonic :

    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2010

    Pas mal du tout les ptites écoutes!

    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2010

    Alléchant n'est ce pas ?

    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2010

    Carrément. Ca a l'air bien riche de mélanges sonores!