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    • CommentTimeJan 28th 2015 edited

    Hé mais c'est du bon Kraut ça !

    "GRAUTAG RECORDS, is a collection of music celebrating the dystopian landscapes of our globalised world. The grey day music of this collection is simply the music of its time. A mixture of different styles, of multiple, chaotic and temporally disparate influences, from electro to post Krautrock and other things as yet unknown. A kind of black and white psychedelia, produced not by utopian hallucinogenic substances but by that everyday sense of emptiness that can overcome you. The drunken headiness of better days is definitely collapsed in the gutter, like those computers workstations and cathode screens, abandoned on the sidewalk, just waiting for the crusher. Like you, nobody really believes the stickers which say «in working order», pasted by people who let it. Sounds that are dream-like, but under no illusions, and «No Future» has become a brain washed «no present» in our programmed obsolescence system, a state which looks, paradoxically, like it’s going to last. Our records deals with this kind of reality which continues to exist, even when we stop to believe in it. Let’s listen to Cavern Of Anti-Matter during our trip back to grey ages, that we thought were definitly over. Promise of wasted tomorrows is always a good occasion to dance. N.M

    Cavern Of Anti-Matter
    Instrumental electronic band based in Berlin, Germany and formed in the winter of 2012.
    Line Up:
    Tim Gane - Guitar (mutated)
    Holger Zapf - Synthesizer (electronically treated)
    Joe Dilworth - Homogenised Drums

    Tim Gane was guitarist and Joe Dilworth the original drummer in the group Stereolab.

    The band was formed to record a dystopian future music LP for the Berlin based Grautag label.

    The LP „Blood-Drums“ was recorded in mono and electronically processed for stereo.

    The band is essentially a power trio, but without any discernible dynamics and the music is mainly electronic and heavily treated. Some idea of the sound may be gleaned from the bands influences which include David
    Bowie‘s „Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family“, Mahogany Brain‘s „Bloody Hide And Seek In The Rain“ and „Hot Milk Elbow“ and the front cover to Heldon 6."

    released 02 September 2013

    Art work by Nicolas Moulin .

    Music written, and produced by Tim Gane Joe Dilworth- Rogers Drum Kit Holger Zapf- Roland Sequencer

    Recorded and mixed to tape machine at bloody hair, Berlin-2012 Mixed by Jeffrey Fisher & sound magic

    Mastered at Calyx. Mastering by Bo Kondren

    tags: experimental experimental electronic krautrock rock Berlin