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    • CommentAuthordetail78
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2016

    SØVN et Détail présentent :


    Andrea Bruera and Guybrush are two of the founders of SØVN, an experimental electronic music label born in 2015 between Den Haag, Barcelona and Torino. SØVN is a space for creative action and interaction at the avant-garde of the current electronic music scene, with no definite genre restriction. The first releases were Andrea Bruera’s bone-shattering ‘Lost, Found’, Guybrush’s dreamy, deep ‘This Is Not What I Meant at All’, So Oishi’s zen and glacial take on techno portrayed in ‘Playground’, and YokoKono’s pitch-black, golden stained ‘Sub Umbra’.
    After playing in distinct bands and projects, ranging from metal and post-rock to punk and techno, in December 2014 they ended up on the same stage in Torino, playing the music that
    would later on be published in ‘Lost, Found’ and ‘This Is Not What I Meant at All’. That night SØVN was born. After some months they finally decided to play some shows together, as a
    single act, in order to capture and present the purest SØVN vision. They started composing original music for laptops, electric guitar and mandolin, no-input mixer and percussions.
    Their live debut was in April 2015 in Amsterdam at Steim.
    Deeply inspired by cinema memories, drone music and the unconventional use of traditionalelectric instruments, the music they create moves along a fragile equilibrium, reached between the different musical influences and artistic perspectives. In this rarefied space, listeners can find small sounds, fragments of field recordings, oneiric chords, emotional hollows and peaks, aiming for catharsis.


    Adam Juraszek (1989) is a musician from London, currently based in the Netherlands where he is studying at the Institute of Sonology in the Hague. He has a background as a guitarist playing metal, math­rock and drone, and then later exploring electronic styles like hip­hop and IDM.
    Under his performing alias 'BZGRL' he has contributed various tracks and remixes that are available on tape.
    His research and musical practice involve exploring the intersections of musique concrete, noise music and underground club music by using eclectic sound sources(sometimes abstract and synthesized, sometimes field recordings, sometimes 'found­ sounds' or radio broadcasts scraped or appropriated from the internet) and self­built software.
    The themes he tries to address include a sceptical attitude towards technology, dystopian aesthetics, the waning of affect in contemporary music and culture and the juxtaposition or collision of different contextual codes and rhythmic signatures.


    Richard Francés is a French composer/musician born in Alicante in 1981 and now based in Paris. His project Acid Fountain seeks to bring together abstract and representational art, improvisation and composition, experimental and dance musics. Other projects by Francés include Juju, his “électronique libre” duo with Adrien Kanter. He composes, arranges and tours with French pop artists such as Owlle and Adrien Soleiman, to name but two… As a live performer, he has worked on Julien Lheuillier’s kosmische musik project Pointe du Lac, and in 2015 has collaborated with the French art/dance collective (LA)HORDE. Previously, Richard played drums and synthesisers with French underground psych/kraut/drone band The New Reformed Church of Napalm Katia. In January 2015 Richard founded the label Hylé Tapes: an experimental electronic music label releasing limited edition cassettes by international artists like Takahiro Mukai, Raphael Leray, D. Burke Mahoney, Jay Glass Dubs and Mortuus Auris & The Black Hand.
    For this special occasion he will be joined by the musician Théodore Lüne.

    SØVN :

    Evenement Facebook:

    Détail, 78 Boulevard de Belleville, 75020